Intro to Healing Art Practices – Let’s Paint

There is something magical about painting. Creating something extrordinary with your own two hands. The joy of blending your own colours, and smuging them together across a canvas. The satisfaction of watching drips slowly trickle down. The push and pull of light and shadow. The dance of shape and texture and expression.

There is so much to be learned and experienced and integrated through painting, well above and beyond or more powerful than simply the act of creating something pleasing to look at, that may or may not follow standard “rules” about what is or is not acceptable in the realm of “art”.

We will start with a short, loosely guided visualization to ground and set our intention, before embarking on our colourful journey.

Come out and paint a beautiful painting, uniquely yours, and learn a few basics of colour theory, brush technique, line and style, while also connecting in community. Trust the process, and express yourself! Most importantly, have fun!

There is NO experience necessary. This class is completely appropriate and engaging for every level of creative…from the beginner who really doesn’t think the are creative (yet), to the dabbler and hobbiest, and even to the trained or professional artist. There is something here to be gained for everyone.

Bring yourself, and an open mind. All supplies are included. We will be using artist grade paint, as I believe the most joy will be experienced with the most vibrant colours. Also, professional paint tends to be more predictable and beautiful when mixing.

I am a self-taught artist, a Certified Red Thread Guide, an Intentional Creativity Coach and a Certified Cosmic Smash Booking Guide.  And I am currently am Intentional Creativity Teacher-In-Training.

I enjoy weaving the tools from these programs together in combination with painting, art journaling and other self-care and creative practices to empower others to give yourself permission to fill your own “bucket” first, nurturing rest, play and curiosity from a place of love, acceptance and curiosity, in order to revive your energy, heal your heart, and rewrite your story, so that you may give generously from a place of guilt-free abundance…gifting from the overflow of LOVE.