Intro to Healing Art Practices – Art Journaling

You are invited to give yourself the gift of “me-time”, to rest, to create, to play, to release, to recharge, to discover…whatever you need in this moment.

Through an intentional and intuitive art journaling process, we will explore our true thoughts, feelings and beliefs, release what no longer serves us, and nourish love, joy and connection as we give ourselves permission to fill ourselves up first.

This process is very personal. The power of a journal is that we get to get it all out, create movement with colour and shape and collage, and move into a playfully meditative state where we actually have the power to change our thought patterns, interrupting our current stress or trauma response, and creating for ourselves a new pathway, a new way of thinking and feeling and responding in the present moment. AND, beig in a journal, we can close it, and keep it for ourselves. No one has to see it unless we want them to. And even when we do show it to others, they will never see or fully understand all the layers below the surface.

AND you get to take these tools home and expand on them in your own creative self-care practice!

Are you interested in receiving more information as it becomes available? If so, please RSVP and fill out the form. I will reach out when I know more.

We will be using a simple composition book or journal as the container for this part of your journey. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your favourite art supplies with you if you are inspired to do so. AND a variety of art supplies will be provided for shared use. If you’d prefer your own supplies, I will have simple beginner’s kits available, as well as a supply list to guide you in your choices. Options are endless and guided by your comfort level.

We will play with markers, pens, pastels, coloured pencils, watercolour paint, maybe even some acrylic paint, collage, and anything else that inspires us.

So get ready! Tell your friends! And I will send an update when we have confirmed dates and times. We are looking at beginning in November, 2021. 🙂 So stay tuned!

I look forward to creating with you!!!

I am a self-taught artist, a Certified Red Thread Guide, an Intentional Creativity Coach and a Certified Cosmic Smash Booking Guide.  And I am currently am Intentional Creativity Teacher-In-Training.

I enjoy weaving the tools from these programs together in combination with painting, art journaling and other self-care and creative practices to empower others to give yourself permission to fill your own “bucket” first, nurturing rest, play and curiosity from a place of love, acceptance and curiosity, in order to revive your energy, heal your heart, and rewrite your story, so that you may give generously from a place of guilt-free abundance…gifting from the overflow of LOVE.