Workshops & Retreats

I believe we are ALL creative beings when we tap into our hearts and our inner wisdom, and silence the voices of our inner critics/nerds/gremlins/mean girl or guy, whatever terminology you relate with. 

I believe creativity has the power to activate deep healing, by giving us access to the place deep within us, where we actually have the wisdom and power to rewrite the stories that influence our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions and ways of being.

IN-PERSON classes are coming to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada!!!

No experience required! In fact, coming in with a beginner’s mindset is preferred, and with give you the best experience! There will be art journaling, painting, and so much more. Fill your self-care cup as we nourish rest, play and curiosity using intentional creativity as a tool and guide to your inner wisdom and personal power.

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Don’t worry online friends!!! I am not forgetting about you!!! I have many things percolating right now, and just need a little more time to make it all ready for you.