The Next Right Step

So, I have a confession to make. My name is Liz, and I am a recovering perfectionist. Someone who in a previous life liked to plan every single step before taking action. And then, I decided to let go of planning, and had been flying by the seat of my pants. Which to be honest wasn’t working either. I am convinced there is a middle ground, where we get to plan, but don’t need to see the whole path to the finish line before we start. “The map appears when the car is in motion.”

Since January, I have been involved in a transformational program, Heart Core Leadership. And I have learned a lot about myself that I was previously unaware of, or ignoring. Through a number of experiences and activities, I have been able to dig deep, and discover what makes me tick, and who are my gremlins, my “nerds”, if you will, that say mean things to me to keep me small. I can now recognize them when they bubble up, acknowledge them, and then set them aside so that my true self can continue to drive. And sometimes, I still don’t see them. Nerds can be tricky little devils. And that is why the 3 month practice part of this program is so powerful. I have coaching available to me every single day during the program. By multiple coaches. AND I have 65 new best friends. Really. It’s true.

So in recognizing my nerds and listening to my gremlins, I have noticed that planning is a tricky subject for me. I like to see it all laid out, OR I completely trust and don’t plan a thing. But here’s the thing…these are two extremes that don’t work. One of the things I have learned is that leaders do not plan for the future, they create it. To me, this means I get to choose how things will go. I get to be flexible. I get to start, with intention, and keep moving forward. And if it doesn’t go as expected, I get to pivot and take a new path, that I am creating. I am not following anyone elses path. This journey is mine to create. And the whole path, from beginning to destination, does not have to be illuminated. As long as I can see the next right step, I can keep moving.

Movement is the other key to this puzzle. Because slowing down strengthens the limitation that is standing in the way. That is not only a lesson in leadership, but also one of the 4 base rules of Cosmic Smash Booking…Just Keep Moving. This is a very difficult rule for me to follow. Because when things get in the way, I tend to want to stop and reevaluate. And although being flexible in changing the plan on the fly is very important, it is critical to realize that it is not necessary to stop. It is actually beneficial to keep the momentum going and shift while still moving forward. Use the momentum you have, and keep going!

In addition to leadership, I have been involved in some amazing business coaching this past year, with Amber Kuileimeilani Bonnici and Elizabeth Foley. It is because of their guidance that I am launching my first online program!!! I am so proud of myself for stretching and stepping outside of my comfort zone! For those of you who missed it, I hosted a summit with 12 speakers. And then I ran a free 5-day web series. And now, my 8-week offering is going live on Monday. And to be honest…I am freaking out a little inside.

But it’s those butterflies, that combination of excitement and nervousness, that tells me I am on the right path. Even if I don’t know all of the pieces yet. Especially when I hear the “not enough” gremlins growling. I know that I have a lot to offer in the form of insight and support, creative ideas and techniques, and life lessons to share. This is such a gift, and I am SO excited to share these ideas and processes with other creatives.

Do you feel stuck in this time in the world where we are required to stay at home? How about spending an hour or two a week getting back in touch with your creative spirit? Do you need a push to get your momentum going? Consider Journey Through You: 8-weeks to revealing your creative light. Create lasting habits that will fill your self-care cup and ignite your passion for life, and connections that will support your journey, every step of the way.

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