“The Artist’s Way” Workbook

I was introduced to “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron by a friend and fellow artisan when I was invited into writing for Consciously Woman. The context of this introduction was to explain “The Artist’s Date”, which I introduced you to a few weeks ago. I decided since the main topic I would be writing about was a theme from this book, I ought to read the book! But…I am a very slow reader. SO, I listened to it on audible while I painted. It was great to listen to, however, there were many exercises handed out at the end of each chapter, intended to be each week, and I couldn’t remember them or record them quickly enough to follow through on them. So I decided I needed the paper copy of the book as well. UNTIL, I discovered there is a workbook! A “short cut”, if you will…something to give me the exercises without having to go over all of the content again. PERFECT!

So I began attempting the morning pages, which are three pages of stream of consciousness writing to be done first thing in the morning, while you are still not fully aware of your surroundings or your daily plans. Just get the gunk out, and get the nightly inspirations recorded. Helping to clear your mind and start with a blank slate.

This was a very difficult exercise for me for a few reasons. Firstly, I was falling back to sleep while I was writing often, in the middle of sentences, and then I had to start over with a new thought or read it (which you aren’t suppose to do) and continue on to finish that thought. It took me SO LONG because of my morning fog, that I just couldn’t fit it in most mornings first thing, for fear of running out of time or being late for work because I passed out. Needless to say, I have abandoned that practice for now, but hope to fit it in AFTER my morning meditation time soon. Just still getting use to my morning routine and figuring out what works best.

So, although I am not working through it in the time frame suggested, I do intend to work through the prompts, and will be sharing those with you throughout the year!

What is your morning routine? Do you wake up early to spend time by yourself and get charged up for the day? Or do you jump into the day with everyone else?

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