Sometimes, life throws us moments or situations that force us to simplify…to pause and make note of what is really important.  I believe that if we don’t listen to these messages when they are small, the universe will create bigger obstacles until a point where you can no longer ignore it…as I experienced with my head injury.  So I am careful now to be aware of the earlier signs to slow down and simplify.

So when my son became sick, I took this as a message to slow down, myself.  To take time to love and snuggle him, while he is still young and Mommy’s hugs can heal anything.  This, however enjoyable moments can be, is exhausting and draining to me after a few days.  So I have been craving time alone, to do “my things”.  So I am waking early in the morning for my time to think, and run, and look at my personal development.

This month, I am a part of the 30 Day Possibility Challenge, an amazing challenge in which I receive emails and videos (velfies) daily to get me thinking of what would be possible if…Coincidentally, the most recent possibility is “What would be possible if, just for today, I had enough energy?”  On a day where I was feeling depleted and desperate for “me time”.  The prompts with the challenge explained that we must learn to manage our energy.  I need to guard and nurture my energy.  I need to build in replenishing time and activities.  In order to do that while caring for a sick child, I need to simplify.

First, let’s dig deeper into energy, for me.  What gives me energy?  What do I do that boosts my energy?  The first things that come to mind are running and creating.  Ok then!  Great start!  So I put on my reflective running clothing, and my headlamp and arm lights, and I went for a run at the beach…My most enjoyable runs are at the harbour at sunrise, so I made sure to be there.  (and home in time for my husband to go to work).  What a great start to the day!  How can I fit in creating, I wondered, with a clingy sick little boy?  Many “I can’t”‘s came up, and then, the simple answer came up…I could colour!  Creating doesn’t have to be complicated and from a blank canvas and deep in meaning.  It can be as simple as putting colour to a page, and zoning out for a while.  So, I went to my 30 Day Possibility Challenge colouring sheets, and I found today’s possibility, and I spent an hour with my son AND colouring!  By colouring I repeated “What would be possible if, just for today, I had enough energy” multiple times.  And I thought about it.  And I felt better.

Now that I have rejuvinated my energy, how do I guard and nurture it?  How do I keep my energy?  By taking care of my body.  I need to eat well, which for me means decreased sugar, gluten and dairy, and increased vegetables and protein.  And LOTS of water.  I also need to move my body.  Running helps me to clear my head and focus on putting one foot in front of the other, and focus on successes, no matter how small.

And simplify at home…a sick child means cuddling on the couch and sleeping in his bed.  The laundry can wait.  Although this can be depleting and exhausting, it preserves more energy than arguing with him and upsetting him.  It reminds me of the Robert Munch book “Love You Forever”…I remind myself that my boys are only going to be small for a very short time and I need to soak it up while Mommy snuggles still make everything better.

So, what would be possible for you if, just for today, you had enough energy?  Where does your energy come from?  And how do you nurture and guard your energy?  Can you begin by simplifying parts of your life to make it fit in?  You can’t give to others what you don’t have for yourself.  Self care is so important, and yet we tend to put ourselves aside for others on many occasions.  But just think…what amazing things would be possible if you had enough energy?  Wouldn’t it be amazing?!

Are you interested in the 30 Day Possibility challenge?  Get on the mailing list for the remainder of the month’s challenges, and to hear about the upcoming challenges, including the Self-Esteem Challenge that is coming in February.  (I did this earlier in the year…it was phenomenal).  And it’s free!  There is also a “free stuff” tab for downloadable colouring sheets.  Check it out!  Her services are amazing.  possibility-energy

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