ROUNDS!!!…coming soon

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to be different. Unique. Odd. Fun. So it may come as no surprise to you that soon I will have circular paintings available! That’s right! Round boards! 9″, 12″ and 24″ in diameter, thanks to an amazing friend and fellow artist who is a very handy DIYer. Thank you my amazing friend!!!

So NOW, the question becomes WHAT do I paint on these gorgeous boards?!! Whimsical flowers? Fantasy tree figures? Fanciful portraits?

I feel like these boards are ready for flowers, but I can also imagine so many other themes on them! I am SO excited to get my hands on these and see what begs to be created!

I went through a thing with circular mirrors before I had kids…loved them on the wall, they reminded me of bubbles. So curious how paintings will look!

Does the idea of circular paintings intrigue you? What would you like to see on one of these boards? Is circular going to be the new square for me? Only the future will tell!

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