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I tend to be disorganized, despite many efforts to look like I know what I’m doing.  And I tend to be a bit of a hoarder, because I don’t know what I may need in the future, or where I put that thing that was so useful that one time…so recently I’ve been spending parts of my days in the basement, sorting through boxes of items that have been piled up for a few years now and weren’t properly sorted and purged when our renovations were done because I ran out of time.  I find purging to be exhausting and draining.  It completely depletes my energy and motivation, and it takes everything I have not to get distracted away from it.  This is something that I am working on within myself, because I know tidy and clutter free space is actually better for me than being surrounded by piles of books and papers that I will likely never read through again.  Anyways, that’s another topic for another day.

While I was sorting and purging, I discovered the card, pictured above.  I remember choosing it when I was a student or a brand new xray technologist at a department Christmas party.  I read it, and liked it, but it didn’t really resonate with me.  I mean, I was starting something new and I liked what I was doing, so I guess it made sense, but I didn’t “get” it.  I wasn’t in tune with myself and the universe to feel the impact or really get the message.  I placed it back in it’s golden bag wrapper and put it away in my “office” for “safe” keeping. And there it stayed, safely hidden away for likely 10 years, until I needed it again.

It’s interesting to me that with all of my current thoughts and changes and dreams that this card would find it’s way into my possession again.  As I dare to start something new and exciting and terrifying.  As I’m in constant struggle between excitement and giddiness of planning and dreaming, and battling the gremlins of scarcity and not enough.  It is the nudge or the reminder that I am doing the right things, and moving in the right direction.  “Don’t be afraid.  Just trust and keep going.”…is what it is telling me.  I am on the right path.  I am out of my dark spell in life, and I am awakening to a new opportunity, and it’s ok.  Things are going to be ok.  “Now is the perfect moment to dive in and embrace (my) heart’s desires”.

I am excited for 2017, and the journey it will take me on with my art.  And my physical fitness and running adventures.  I am grateful for everyone who has supported me and encouraged my growth along the way!  What an amazing way to enter into a new season, and a new year…a new chapter in my life is about to unfold.

I’d love for you to share a sign from the universe that you have received giving you the gentle nudge or affirmation that you are doing what you are meant to do.

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