Rainbowitis is Real


Hello, my name is Liz, and I have rainbowitis.  Jane Davenport coined the term, and defines  Rainbowitis as “the compulsion to collect and use art supplies.  Symptoms of the acute form include arranging said art supplies in rainbow formation.” from her instagram October 28, 2016.

I would like to add to this description…

People affected by rainbowitis have the ability to justify the need for new art supplies as well as the need to have every colour of the supplies they enjoy.  They can be known to disappear for hours or even days in their studios in a state of euphoria, mesmerized by their supplies and the way they dance on the page.  Rainbowitis is often related to joy and giddiness, loss of sleep, being “off in your own magical little world” as you daydream about purchasing, opening and using those gorgeous supplies.  May induce moaning while splattering, dripping, sketching, stamping, collaging, painting, smooshing, and scribbling of delicious colours in delectable layers.  Warning: rainbowitis can be linked to fits of depression or unexplanable frustration when desirable supplies are not available to them immediately, or when life gets in the way of their time to create.  The best treatment for rainbowitis is to be surrounded by your beautiful art supplies, stroke them, and ooh and ahh while using them as often as possible.

I was hit with an acute rainbowitis attack last week.  Jane Davenport’s Mixed Media art supplies began to make their appearance in Michael’s stores across the United States and Canada.  Daily, I watched on facebook, as people in different places posted photos of the glorious display of Jane’s amazing new line, while I checked 4 local Michael’s stores with no luck and no assistance as to when I could even expect them.  So I impatiently waited and stalked the stores, calling multiple times a day, eager to use my 50% off coupon and get as many supplies as I could without breaking the bank.  Slowly, two of the stores started to unload this amazing line of beautiful supplies onto shelves, so I picked up one thing here and waited for what I was really after.  I filled in a survey (to get $5 off the next purchase), and explained how I was disappointed it was taking so long, and how they didn’t have the whole line out yet when I knew other Michaels were selling out of their products.

From that survey, I received a call from my favourite local Michaels, asking what I was looking for specifically, and they’d get it in for me because they don’t want an unsatisfied customer.  Well, that store had received the entire line and had finally put it on shelves for me to find about an hour before I received the call.  I had already been in and out of there twice, each time with a glorious JDMM supply in my hands.  The lady from Michaels asked me what exactly the line included, and I went on to explain how amazing Jane is, and how her art supplies are super high quality and pigment rich…how her art journals are the only hard cover hot pressed water colour journals available…how it’s impossible to find skin tones in any other watercolour, but hers has several neutrals and easy to mix colours for skin tones.  How her acrylic paint is matte so that coloured pencils can be used on top.  How her coloured pencils are a cross between the blending ability of prismas, with a less breakable lead that can be sharpened to a point more like polychromos.  How she has created amazingly easy to travel with and use supplies like her mermaid markers that are very basically liquid watercolours in aquash pens.  Brilliance.  Then entire line is brilliant.  From this discussion, and my excitement, I was offered a job at Michaels!  It’s so tempting!  But thank you, I am employed.  But how totally exciting is that?!

Check out Jane’s website if you’re curious about her supplies.  Each supply has a video that explains what is so magical about it, as well as Jane has FREE tutorials for how to get the most out of her new supplies!  So amazing!  Thank you Jane!  And thank you American Crafts for making this dream a reality, both for Jane, and for her Davenpeeps.  Stay tuned for some art using the new supplies!

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