Coming Soon – Art Cards!

Art Greeting Cards are on their way!!!

I have great news! As per popular request, I have greeting cards on their way! They have been printed and are shipping as I type. As per my necessary parameters, these cards are SQUARE, just like my paintings, blank inside, AND printed in high quality with archival ink! So after you send the card, the recipient can frame the image, if they so choose to, and the colour will last. These beautiful cards are also printed on a thick, recycled paper with a satin gloss type finish. Choose one of 4 images, or grab an entire set. Premiering at The Artisan Bazaar Spring show at the Royal Botanical Gardens on Easter weekend, Friday April 19 AND Saturday April 20! Reserve your cards on my website soon, and pop by the event to pick them up! All non-local orders will be shipped after the bazaar. Don’t worry, they will be set aside before for you.