Come, Play with Me in Possibility

Hello Friends! You are invited to a weekly creative gathering!

I am SO excited!!!

Today is the first Play with Me in Possibility gathering!

Every Tuesday, I will be hosting space to recharge and reconnect with self and community. Bring something you are working on, or arrive with your Cosmic Smash Book/journal/notebook and some simple supplies and see what arises in the moment! This is not a lesson, but rather a creative catalyst for you to tap into your heart and inner wisdom.

It is a request for you to say yes to your creative self-care practice. It is giving yourself permission to set aside one hour a week to “fill your bucket”. It is about presence and play. Turning off the “noise” of daily life for one hour a week and tuning into possibility.

Come, and Play with Me in Possibility!!!

Sign up for the email invitations at

Today, we meet at 6pm EST.

Will I see you there?