My Passion and Purpose Proclamation

I am PASSIONATE about…helping people TRANSFORM the epidemic of perfectionism, INSPIRING them to use art as an emotional oxygen mask, while encouraging PLAY, GROWTH, DISCOVERY and HEALING through pausing to “smell the roses”, to feel the paint on their fingers, and to admire the beauty of what is, while learning to accept every mark that encompasses their unique beauty.

My PURPOSE is…to CONNECT with people through my art and relate with a part of their story, and remind them that they are not alone…to TEACH people to recognize the necessity of self care and give them permission to practice self care through art and play…to use art not only as an escape from the monotony of every day life, but to facilitate a discovery of self while nurturing acceptance, kindness, compassion and love.

I BELIEVE…ART is the birthplace of self-awareness, and that through that awareness, we learn to embrace our natural, imperfect beauty and transform into our most authentic selves.