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In 2016 I started a lot of projects, and only finished a small percentage of them.  I signed up for courses such as lifebook, and only kept up with a handful of lessons before I was distracted by another course, which I would start and not finish before something else caught my attention.  I joined a 30 day challenge to draw a face a day and kept up for about a week, maybe two.  

This year, I have a bunch of classes and workshops I am looking forward to.  I need a little help with motivation to stick with them, even when I get behind, and let go of perfectionism and just complete the tasks at hand, one by one.  A “C” project completed is better than an “A” project that never gets done.  I believe Elizabeth Gilbert says this in “Big Magic”, but I have also heard it elsewhere, many times, recently. 

I am great at starting things and playing around.  I am not very successful at calling a piece done, or continuing with it once I like it to a point that it makes sense, but isn’t done.  I struggle with finishing.

In an attempt to create more often AND complete more projects, I vow to finish a piece of art for every like and/or share that this blog post receives.  It could be a simple postcard or swap card, or it could be a page in my art journal or Lifebook (completed, not just the background), or it could be a canvas board.  Anything goes!  And I will share all of my works with you throughout the year!  

Help me make 2017 my most creatively inspired year yet!  Like this blog post!  Share it with your friends!  Let’s see how much art we can put into the world this year!  

Do you have a goal or challenge for the year?  Share it below!  

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