Letting Go – Recognizing Joy has been Fulfilled

Hello Friends! I know it has been a while since I wrote…it has been a whirlwind of a year, and I do intend to fill you in as best I can as the time is right. For now, let me tell you where I am at.

I recently spent a week with Donna at her retreat house, in Lincolnton, NC, and found incredible inspiration. In my experience there, I was able to bust a bunch of myths and self limiting beliefs that I held about the way I create. (More about my experience at Donna’s to come).

One of my realizations was that my space does not support my creativity. Donna’s space is so open and organized and welcoming. Although I have argued for years that I love my clutter, coming home to my space, I felt like there wasn’t space for me TO create. So I started to organize, and realized further that perhaps I need to purge. But I did this a couple of years ago…I love what I have now…how do I possibly get rid of anything?

And then…it hit me. I need to sell some of my art supplies. I started off in mixed media, and although I admittedly enjoy my rainbowitis, I really don’t use a lot of my supplies regularly, if at all anymore. So I went through, and anything that I don’t ABSOLUTELY LOVE and haven’t used in a year was collected and photographed and put up for sale. Now, a part of me was crying inside the whole time. But then a little voice reminded me that art supplies are only wasted if they aren’t used and appreciated. Do I have an art supply museum? No. I have an art studio…I love my supplies by creating with them, and if I am not creating with them, someone else will find joy in using them, and helping them fulfill their life purpose.

And then…the guilt started…as I was adding up the value of the supplies I was ready to part with…”look at all this wasted money”…it said. Luckily I didn’t wallow in guilt for too long before remembering about Marie Kondo’s method. She states at one point that some items serve their purpose simply by bringing you joy in the purchase. And I reflected on the joy I experienced not only in discovering and purchasing the supplies, but also in swatching the colours in my journals. Swatching colour is magical.

So I am free and light as I await the perfect new homes for my neglected art supplies. And I use the term neglected lightly, as they have all been stored carefully, handled with respect, and admired almost daily. But art supplies need to be used in order to live. And I am certain they will bring much joy to many other creatives.

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