Everything is Awesome…thanks to Hypnosis

Have you ever been hypnotized? Are you open to the idea? Up until a few months ago, I thought hypnosis was mostly for entertainment. My only experience with hypnosis was one of those X-rated stage shows in university. I was a spectator, and honestly, although I laughed with my fellow spectators, I was astonished and shocked with what I witnessed, and I was mortified for the people on stage. I was very hesitant to ever try hypnosis because what if I did something I didn’t want to do? What if I embarrassed myself? Why would anyone ever let someone else take control of their thoughts and actions? I don’t trust myself with my own thoughts and actions, why would I ever trust another person with them?

And then…I met Mark. We are students together in the same class at Mystic Mojo. Once a week, we learn, and share, and discover what makes us tick. What inspires us. What we fear. One week, Mark shared that he is a hypnotist, and was going to be teaching a 3 week course on dealing with anxiety and setting and achieving goals. The anxiety is key to work with first, because with any goal comes fear of failure, and by working with and reducing anxiety, and building confidence, one has a better chance of setting and succeeding in accomplishing their goals. As soon as he started talking about this course, I felt an intense pull to sign up. Something inside me said “this is for me. This will help me. I need this.” So I made some arrangements with my schedule and my finances, and I signed up.

And then I argued with myself. Why would I do this? Maybe I can’t be hypnotized. Maybe this isn’t right for me. Maybe it won’t help. …Oh, but maybe it WILL help. It is worth a try! I trust Mark, he won’t humiliate me. He has good intentions and genuinely wants me to succeed. And heck, if hypnosis can help people stop a bad habit like smoking, surely it can help to instill good, helpful habits. I’m all in. Something has got to give in my life. I am ready for change. And I went into the first class with faith and hope, willing to trust the process and do whatever I was told to do.

The first class was amazing. I left with a confidence anchor, feeling much more positive in general, and less hopeless. I was hypnotized more easily than I had expected…likely because I had such a positive relationship with Mark, and because during the class he shares parts of his life story to help one trust him even more. By the end of the third class, I was not only more confident, but I was feeling inspired to go after my dreams. I was ready to put out into the world what I wanted, and ask for it. I believe in the Law of Attraction, which very basically states that the energy you put out into the world is what you are attracting back to you.

In addition to the notes and hypnosis sessions during the class, we were given a flash drive with hypnosis clips to practice at home. The first week, I didn’t get to it. The second week, I put it on my phone and did it once or twice. After the third week, I intended to incorporate a hypnosis session every day. I wasn’t successful every day at first, but I did notice a BIG difference on the days that I did in fact perform the hypnosis. I felt calm, and more focused throughout the day. And even though I didn’t do it every single day, I was doing it enough that people around me started to notice a change in my overall attitude and approach to life. I became more positive and less stuck in the negativity spiral. I started to expect good things to happen for me. And opportunities started offering themselves to me. I had potential, and I had options. It was amazing. I was manifesting my dreams.

It wasn’t until the new year during my experience with Sameena and Scott through Integrity Choices that I was able to make morning hypnosis a daily habit. It was something I wanted to do, but I hadn’t exercised my integrity muscle enough to follow through on the promises I made to myself. I would set intentions without a plan for success. And I didn’t feel I was worthy of my time. So when I suggested I do a daily 8 minute hypnosis as a form of meditation to set myself up every day, it was well received. And making the promise to Sameena held me accountable to actually following through.

So, what is this hypnosis clip that I am referring to? It is an 8ish minute recording of Mark, leading me through deep relaxation techniques, followed by affirmations and positive expressions to encourage me to eliminate excuses and take responsibility. Honestly, I often am completely zoned out and can’t remember what he says in this section, aside from “You are in control…” and “no longer need to make excuses”. I know there is a lot more than that, but I can’t recite it. And then, I awake, feeling “FANTASTIC”! Seriously. I feel better after this than I do waking up from a full night’s sleep. I feel alert as though I had ingested caffeine. I feel confident and energetic and ready to take on my day. I feel focused and productive, and I do, in fact, complete more tasks in a day now than I did before this practice. In less than 10 minutes, I can perform self-care, check in with myself, and focus my mind for an amazing day.

What is the difference between hypnosis and meditation? Well, I am sure there is a lot on a scientific and psychological level. But for my purpose and understanding from my own experience, the difference is that meditation leaves you to explore and discover once you are relaxed, where as hypnosis provides affirmations and positive habit suggestions to help gently alter your beliefs. They are at their very base the same, in my opinion. But hypnosis actually DOES more for you, in my opinion. And I often refer to my self-hypnosis practice as my daily meditation, because it is more familiar to people, so I don’t have to explain what I am doing, or justify the use of hypnosis. But I am here to tell you that it is, in fact, hypnosis, and it is amazing.

I am worthy of self-care, I am worthy of my time. I deserve a strong, positive foundation to my day. I no longer need to make excuses because I can accomplish what I set my mind to. And I can take responsibility for my actions. I am working every day to take a step towards my dreams, thanks to the willingness to try something new, and trust someone else.

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