Approaching Upper Limits

Well, I have to say that I have learned a lot about myself in this past year. A LOT. It seems that I have finally started to identify patterns in my behaviour when I reach an upper limit. You know, when things get hard, and you have to decide to push through or give up. What is my go to? Let me tell you.

As you may have already noticed, I get SUPER EXCITED about new ideas and projects. It appears that this excitement is often based in an attempt to distract my attention away from projects that are getting hard, or no longer fun. I like to think of it as Shiny Object Syndrome. Others may relate to “SQUIRREL”!

So knowing this, why is it SO HARD to ignore the shiny objects and stay focused? Because, these shiny objects are sneaky. They come in the form of new ideas that could potentially help to build my business or body of work. They seem productive and important and have amazing potential. The problem is, I can’t do everything at once. Yep. Bubble bursting time…I am not a super hero with magical time warping powers to be able to do it all. So what seems like, and likely IS, a great idea, becomes another thing that I cannot possibly fit into my already wobbly routine, and leads to overwhelm. Overwhelm results in me either literally running around in circles doing a little of everything and accomplishing nothing, OR performance paralysis where I can no longer decide what to do, so I sleep. Yes, vulnerable admission…I get so wrapped up in making decisions sometimes that all I can do is sleep. Weird, right? Drives me crazy.

Knowing all of this, what is the solution? Well, I keep a Shiny Object list in my Smash Book so that I don’t fear forgetting the great ideas. I can always come back to them when I have more time, or when a current task or project is completed. And then, there is the routine. Now, I will admit, I am terrible at creating a routine for myself. But when I have one in place, I tend to stick to it. So my challenge right now is creating a routine that makes sense and fits into my life with general ease AND allows me time for self care. Because so often I will make a schedule for myself, and I omit self care, and it doesn’t work. Self sabotage…another upper limit behaviour.

Another form of self sabotage is pulling back from support. I am a member in a few different support groups, as well as my family and friends who help to keep me accountable. And when I don’t reach a deadline, I hide, ashamed to admit my failure. And that’s when I fall off the radar for a bit. And I forget to post my blogs, and on social media.

SO, IF you notice me missing, please, send me a private message, and let me know that you miss me. Because I may be running around in circles, not yet aware of reaching my upper limits. You could help me recognize it and snap out of it. And I would be grateful. Because often, it just takes a small redirection to get back on track, focus on the path, take a breath, and keep moving forward.

Thank you for your time today. Cheers!

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