About Me


Hello!  My name is Liz, and I am the artist behind LizzieLou Mixed Media!  

I discovered art as a method of self-discovery and healing during a depressive state following a head injury in my mid thirties.  My boys were young, and I was used to working very hard to take care of everyone else, at home and in my job as an x-ray technologist. 

I didn’t know how to slow down.  I didn’t have any hobbies just for myself.  In fact, I didn’t even know who I was anymore. 

Art allowed me to play, without attachment to the outcome.  I got to learn what I liked and didn’t like, and express myself in a way that I could not find the words to articulate.  Through art, I was able to experience many emotions, and transform the negative emotions into positive realizations. 

With paint on my hands, I am free of expectation and perfectionism that has held me back for most of my life.  

Art lead me into many amazing opportunities and life experiences!  One being that I ran the New York City Marathon…With Kathrine Switzer and 261 Fearless. 

How do art and running relate?  What’s the connection you ask?

Art showed me that I am enough, as I am, beautifully imperfect.  And it encouraged me to play and experiment and try new things with curiosity and acceptance. 

So when I decided to get fit again, having never run before, I leaned on my art lessons for inspiration to keep going and put one foot in front of the other, focusing on one step at a time and enjoying the journey as it unfolded rather than fixating on the outcome.  I could run as slow as I wanted.  I could take walk breaks.  And I could still accomplish great things.  Including, a marathon. 

And trust me, if I can train and run a marathon, anyone can do it. 🙂 

Art and running have revealed to me my strength and determination, my ability to persevere when things get tough.  They’ve allowed me to get messy and be imperfect and still joyful and inspiring. 

And now, I want to spread the love. 

To teach others to allow themselves a pause, and to treat themselves with compassion while exploring their creativity.  To reconnect adults with play and creative self-care. 

We are all artists, if we can let go of the expectations we have on the outcome, and allow our inner child to create freely.

About my logo…

Just like my journey, my logo has evolved over time. The original logo is black ink on a sheet of watercolour paper. It is my writing, and some touched up stamps. I scanned that image and sent a digital copy to my friend, Anna Vargas at Brand Her Style, who created digital files that I could use, in black and white.

My mind was blown!

Recently, I was doing some work on branding again, and discovered there is more to a logo than line and words, but I could add personalized colour and texture!

Another friend and branding expert, Nicolette Ray merged an abstract painting of mine with my previous files, and voila! Today’s fun logo!!!

What’s behind the imagery you ask?

The stylized dragonfly is quite meaningful to me. It came about early in my discovery of the healing benefits of art, when my mental health was unstable.

I came across a post on social media about the semicolon project…a movement where people were tattooing semicolons on themselves in order to support depression and suicide prevention, with the reminder that you are the author of your own story, and you can choose to pause and then keep going with a semicolon, rather than ending a sentence with a period.

I decided to experiment with my own semicolon, so I drew one on my wrist with a sharpie. BUT I changed the circle to a heart, to remind myself to treat myself with compassion and kindness when I pause.

After a few days, I added wings to make a dragonfly, and to remind myself to trust my wings and follow my heart. Dragonflies also represent adaptability, as they can fly in any direction, like a helicopter.

Yes, I got the tattoo inked onto my wrist…in teal no less. 😉

And when I designed my logo, it became a part of it, as it is a part of me, and my mission to help others trust their wings, follow their heart, and treat themselves with compassion and kindness when they pause in the tough moments; and then keep going.