A Creative Affair

At one point in her book “Big Magic”, Elizabeth Gilbert writes about seducing creativity.  She recommends to dress up, put on makeup and perfume.  Have a hot affair with your craft.  Make time, even if it’s just 15 mins to “make out”, and be attractive to inspiration.

This theory intrigues me, and I’d like to take the thought a step farther.  You see, for this idea to make sense one must believe that ideas are energy, looking for people to work with them and express them.  That inspiration has it’s own life energy.  But if you find this hard to believe or get into, consider this…you are most freely and truly you when you feel confident and pretty.  So how can I expect my best creativity to come when I haven’t showered or shaved my legs or even gotten dressed for the day.  If I feel grubby and insecure and embarrassed by my appearance, I don’t believe I can create and express my joy.  However, if I approach my creative endeavors on a day that I feel beautiful and powerful and strong, my creations have a much different vibe.  When I’m in my pajamas, I’m hiding from the world.  And I tend to spend a lot of time staring at my art, not sure which direction to go.  But when I feel confident in my skin, I get right down to business with trust in myself and the process, and when I’m finished I want to share it with the world!

Who doesn’t want that?  It’s like a runner’s high, but from art.  So today, I am wearing mascara and lipstick, and I spent my 15 mins on my newest painting, and I want more.  The craving and the desire is there…I have so many ideas, but I’m not scattered, I just want to dive in and stay in one space for a while.  Such a different feeling to yesterday, when I was trying to use art as a reward for working out and house chores, and that didn’t pan out for me at all.

When you sit down to create, do you dress for the occasion?  Try this experiment and let me know if you feel a difference in the way you feel or notice a difference in your productivity or outcome.  I’m curious.  And with that, I’m off to paint, because I just can’t stay away, and I’ve only drawn her out…but I only have about 15 mins at the moment…just enough time for a little creative affair.  ;) aerial-1

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