A Glimpse into my process – Sweet Seduction – part 1


Untitled 3 (3)

This painting came to me as an idea based on another painting i have, where i am asked all the time if it is Eve. No…the original portrait people think is Eve was actually based on Snow White, but somehow i didn’t get the innocence portrayed in the portrait while she was tempted to bite the apple. In this painting, I WAS thinking of Eve.

What if Eve was an apple tree? What would that mean? I would LOVE to hear your interpretations of this one! I know what I think, but art is always up for interpretation by each person who views it. What is she saying to you?  Do you see Eve as a disobedient temptress?  Or is she the victim of self doubt and criticism, listening to her own inner critic and picking herself apart?  I am leaving this with you for a week.  Stay tuned for MY interpretation.  😉

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