A Soothing Inspirational Original by Katrina Koltes

Katrina Koltes is a woman I admire over the internet.  We “met” in an online workshop by Jane Davenport.  Katrina had an instant knack and talent, from what I could see.  There is a beautiful grace to her art…a whispy airiness, and a comforting warmth.  I bought a few prints from her journal pages, early on in her career, and thought “this woman is going to BE someone”.  And now, years later, I have managed to score one of her originals in her first online solo auction!  And she is building her art business and reputation, and I couldn’t be more proud to call her my friend.  She inspires me every day, and proves that a woman with small children CAN chase her dreams, grab them by the coat tails, and learn to not only fly, but soar.

I am SO amazingly grateful that this beautiful piece is hanging in my home, above my art table, where I feel she is watching over me as I create.  She is “The Guardian”…soft and strong, confident and kind.  I love the combination of her flawless skin and the textured background…like even through a storm she is gentle grace and compassionate freedom.  Nothing is going to stop her or those she helps on their journeys.  She is strength and courage and love.  This is MY interpretation.  Tell me about it!  Share a picture!  Did you get it?

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