Wildly Inspiring Print by Annie Hamman

“Abundant Love” is the name of this GORGEOUS giclée print by Annie Hamman, from South Africa.  And 11×15 inch print, I love the way the colours of the frame and the matte accent the painting.  This is a very special piece for me.  I wanted the original, but it went so quickly at auction that I didn’t have a chance.  Lol.  Which is amazing for Annie!  I am grateful she made a handful of prints for people like me who missed out and ADORE this painting.

When I first saw this painting, I was in awe…look at her hands!  I LOVE the way that Annie paints hands, and faces, and I absolutely admire the way that she blends a perfect painterly portrait with intuitive colours and scribbles.  The combination of beauty and “destruction” is captivating.  I dream of painting like this…both her amazing colourful portraits and with the free spirit she also incorporates.

Annie’s “story Art” truly tells a story, and touches hearts across the world.  This piece resonates with me on so many levels…I had to have a copy of it.  I feel like she has a secret to share with me…some deep down in her heart wisdom to reveal, when the timing is right.

For now, I think her message is that help is available when you are willing to ask, and to trust your wings.  Be gentle and kind to yourself and others, for anything is possible when the heart leads the way.  There may be obstacles, and there may be hard times.  Embrace your beautiful imperfections…the glorious mess of your life, and own it, for you alone know what it is like to be inside your head.  Most importantly, you are not alone, and you are loved.  This is what she says to me.  What does she way to you?  What does she make you feel?

Do you admire people who make similar things as you or those who have a totally different style?

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