Convenient Portable Payment

Look!  I have a Square!  A portable debit tap, and credit card reader!  How cool is that?!  It was a bit of a long process to get it…always a story…never a straight path…always more of a meandering trail.  lol.

So I went to a panel talk at Steel City Studio a few months ago, and the panelists got into how they accept payments, and the pros and cons of the Square vs Dream Payments.  And so, based on the opinions laid out before me, and the price of my general artwork, I opted to try the Dream Payments system.

I should have been more suspicious when it was out of stock locally, and I had to order one from BC…because within a couple of weeks, before I even had a chance to activate it and start accepting payments, I learned that Dream Payments will no longer be supported.  Yep…I spent a bunch of money on a system that I thought was superior when in fact it is obsolete before I even got to play with it.  Lucky for me that they set a date that they would offer refunds to people who ordered after that date, and I fit into that category.  …but then, of course, I had a little trouble returning it.  In the end, that all got sorted out, just took some time and emails and phone calls.

And then, I went out and bought myself a Square.  Because the biggest, easiest way to get out of a purchase is “I don’t have cash on me”.  I say it all the time!  Well, let me help you with that.  😉  It was super easy to set up and link to my business bank account, and it walked me through test payments and refunds.  So now, I just need a real customer to give it a try.  Maybe tonight…at Art Crawl…James Street North, Hamilton.  Come and visit!

Have you used a square to make a purchase?  Do you love the convenience of being able to use debit or credit on the fly?  Or are you hesitant to trust the technology?  I must admit, I feel much more legitimate as a vendor having the ability to accept debit or credit…even if I haven’t used it yet.

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