Business Goals

Goals are important things to set.  Just because you set a goal does not mean it is set in stone…the path to reaching the goal must remain fluid and flexible.  But goals need to be set none-the-less, because they give you something to move towards, and something to measure success and accomplishment by.  For me, setting goals and putting them in writing is scary.  I am afraid of feeling like a failure if I don’t reach my goal.  I struggle with remaining flexible in my thinking along the path.  And sometimes a goal can be so big it is overwhelming until it gets broken down into bit sized pieces.

So here…I am going out on a limb and sharing some of my BIG goals.  Not my full big vision.  That is for me and a few close friends to know about for now, because it is so huge it sounds completely crazy when I say it out loud.  But for now, I start with tissue paper.

Tissue paper you ask?  Yes.  Above I have a screen shot of custom tissue paper that I ALMOST ordered for myself, to wrap my paintings in and giftwrap them in personalized tissue paper to say “you matter to me, thank you for your purchase and enjoy this gift from my heart”.  But, I didn’t order it.  I stopped myself and had a few friends help to talk me out of it…because plain coloured tissue paper is about $0.05 a sheet where as this was almost $0.30 per sheet.  Or to get the cost per piece down, I had to commit to 10 CARTONS of it, which is a HUGE upfront expense that I cannot afford right now, both financially and considering storage space.  So despite the temptation, I opted for a more practical tissue in one of my brand colours.  This is a goal for me because some day I will be able to either buy 10 cartons and know with certainty I will use it, or won’t be concerned about spending the extra quarter per piece to try it out.  And when this happens, I will consider my art business a success.

Seems silly you think?  Here is something I often think about…when I was at Donna Downey’s studio, she had ribbons with her signature name logo around the sandwiches and wraps we ate for lunch every day.  I was so impressed that I kept 2 ribbons, as a reminder of how a self-taught artist CAN succeed to the point where it is not considered a waste to order custom ribbon to wrap around sandwiches that will potentially be thrown in the trash.  Not because it’s just plain cool to have custom ribbon…but it gives that personal touch that we so often look for in a brand.  It is a small gesture of appreciation that means so much.  That ribbon inspired me.  I have held onto it for 2 years and have it on my vision board, as a reminder of where I want to be over time.  But for me, maybe it’s not ribbon…maybe it is tissue paper!

Do you have a goal you are working towards?  Something seemingly frivolous that you want to one day be able to have or use or do?  Something that represents success in your eyes?  Tell me about it!

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