Study of Cezanne and Donna

From Donna Downey’s Artist Studies online course, I completed the exercises on the left of the lime, red bowl, and the striped pitcher. Paul Cezanne painted many still life paintings, with emphasis on how objects interact with one another. I had a lot more fun than I had anticipated painting a lime, multiple times. And although I am not yet a master of lime painting, I do see much improvement with each attempt. I decided that I needed to continue this study on my own as well…so I purchased a few items and bought some flowers and fruit, and I set up some of my own still life studies.

I decided to start with individual items, such as some pottery and a clock…a clock with no numbers which absolutely thrills me to no end. It’s like, there is no time limit, no rush, just this exact moment. I am sure you will see this clock in many more paintings as I get braver with my set ups.

And then, a beautiful and fun statue, flower and lime. I will admit, I struggled with the white/grey again, and the appropriate shadowing. and I feel the depth on this type of flower was difficult to obtain. But I LOVE the shadows! And the lime on this one! One benefit of painting in a basement with dim lights is that the art light produces heavy shadows, which are so fun to recreate. So dramatic!

I will admit, I got a little…ok, a lot carried away searching for items to paint at Value Village and Home Sense…Don’t ever let me say “I have nothing to paint”…for I am surrounded by piles of inspiration. Not to mention ideas that are still stirring in my head!

How do you decide what to paint? Do you set it up and take a photo, or do you paint from what you see in the moment?

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