Self Portrait

Self Portrait - Donna and Van gogh

As part of the Van Gogh lesson in the Artist Series by Donna Downey, we were encouraged to create a self portrait.  This is what I came up with in my journal.  Donna’s process involves going right in with paint on a brush and NOT sketching first.  This was a big challenge for me!  Not that I am an experienced sketch artist or portrait sketcher, but I have found comfort in sketching out or transferring an outline to the canvas or paper first.  Not this time!  And you know?  I didn’t do too badly!  And it was FUN!  Exhilarating even!  To paint loosely at first and tighten up the details as if came along.

As you can see…i struggle with cheeks and noses.  I may fiddle and fix it up more, or I may try again, but I am currently super excited with other ideas and photos in mind that I will leave this as is for now.  I have not had this much creative energy for a long while now, and it is exciting and fun.  I wish I could paint, all day, every day, to get my ideas out!

What do you do when you have ideas but no time to execute them?  Do you journal?  Sketch?  Collect pictures on pinterest for added inspiration?  Can you tell what I do?  LOL!  I tend to do a mix of each…write notes in my journal for ideas, and I have recently started sketching ideas in a sketch book, or in my art journal to be painted.  And I am a frequent pinterest hoarder.

I also tend to start multiple projects and then wait until I have time to focus to sit down and fiddle with the details.  This is why I have so many half painted canvas boards!  Starting and being loose is fun!  But the details and calling it done freak me out!  Especially if I am painting for someone else.  What if they don’t like it?  I fuss and nit pick, and make myself crazy.  But I am getting better, with time and experience.

Stay tuned for more creative sharing of my ideas and works in progress!!!  Thanks for following!

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