Chan Man and friends

Chan Man 2

A running friend asked me to paint her pets for her. This is going to be my first real series, and my first time painting animal portraits.

I started with multiple images of each of her pets, and chose the pictures that spoke to me. I transferred the images onto gesso’d 10x10inch boards. I was given the freedom to “do my thing” with them. Which is interesting, since I am still discovering my thing. But at the time that we were talking about this project, I was posting a lot of multicolour and bright background pieces. So I decided to keep working with colour.

I started with a black cat named Chan Man…and my favourite background colour combination. Now I’m not entirely sure if I’m finished or still fussing with some details. But it has been so long since I worked on him that I am afraid of messing him up. So I started colour blocking another member of the series and family. This is Carl…

Carl In Progress

I am also in love with this colour combination! This is only the first layer. In fact, you can still see the grid lines in the white from drawing him. But the colours make me happy. And I hope to make the owner happy too! Who knew painting pets could be so much fun! As with portraits, I am trying to find the balance between vibrant fun colours and a realistic portrayal.

Here is Sassy…I believe she is my favourite thus far. Also a work in progress…


I LOVE the character in these pieces so far! But I have found I can only paint them when I am happy…I just can’t get into them if I’m tired or a little sad. So needless to say, they are taking me some time to complete. Thank goodness the owner is a patient lady! Lol.

Any advice from the artist community about working on commissioned pieces when mood affects your style?

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