New Colours!!!

New Golden colours 2018

Oh my goodness!!!  Golden has released 7 new colours and one amazing colour that has been reinstated!  8 new to me colours to choose from and add to my collection!  Of course, they are not yet available in Canada at any of my local stores.  So…online ordering to the rescue.

Thank you Donna Downey Studios for notifying me of these fantastic new treasures, and for shipping them to me!

Now seriously, lets talk about these colours…Cobalt teal…OMG people, it is more vibrant than the regular teal!  Seriously delicious!  I am going to use it in EVERYTHING.  This is the reinstated colour.   Apparently it existed before I began painting.  It is officially my new favourite colour.  🙂

Titan Mars Pale…finally a skin tone!  Sure, it still needs a little mixing, but it’s so close, and saves a tonne of time and frustration because I suck at mixing skin tones.  This is an excellent start, and I think it’s about time.

And Titan Violet Pale…so soft…I am in love.

I can hardly wait to get painting whimsical portraits again with these!  And I am wishing I had ordered the yellow pale and orange pale, to work on another in progress painting.  Maybe I can figure something out on my own that is close.  😉

Have you seen the new Golden colours?  Have you gotten your hands on any?  Which is your favourite?  Where did you find them?  And what are you looking forward to painting with them?


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