“Just do it”

I hear a lot of people say “I will do such in such when…I lose 10 lbs…I take this course…I perfect that skill…I have more time…my kids are older…I am healthier…I fit into this size…I quit that bad habit…” In fact, I used to be (and sometimes still am) one of those people. But here’s the thing I am learning…the “right” time seems like it never comes. Or the opportunity isn’t there when the timing is “perfect”.

I believe that when an opportunity presents itself, we have a choice…to pass it up because the time isn’t right, or to be courageous and go for it. Its only by taking a leap of faith that we will reach our goals, even if we are unaware that it is even a goal of ours.

For example, I had been thinking of maybe doing a marathon, sometime, and then I heard about Team 261 Fearless and the NYC marathon. I applied, with really no experience, just the willingness to train hard. I didn’t make the team, originally, but then, I got a call, and an offer to be a part of something big, something empowering and amazing. A once in a lifetime opportunity, to not only run a marathon, but to start it with Kathrine Switzer! And not just any marathon, one of the biggest marathons in the world! A bucket-list event and accomplishment.

Now my brain said “definitely not…you’re not…fast enough, slim enough, strong enough…you can’t do that much fundraising in such a short time…its not possible…its too risky…you will look like a fool…you will fail”. And yet, something inside me lit up, and made me smile and think…”but what if i did it…what if i could do it?” The thought stuck with me, and I knew that if I didnt give it a try that I would always wonder if I could have done it. I knew I would regret not doing it…even though I didn’t believe at first that I could run 42.2km. And then I convinced myself I could do it. I wanted it so badly, I could no longer imagine NOT doing it.

And so…I took a leap, and put faith in my wings. And with the training has come confidence. Now, in all honesty, I’m not completely fearless in the sense of lacking fear…but I am fearless in that I am courageous and empowered…afraid and doing it anyways. Going for what my heart desires, despite the difficult journey.

I believe this is the key to happiness in life. It’s not a lack of stress, but the balance of the right kind of stress. Test your limits, push your boundaries, and always grow. Life is about the journey, not the destination.

Be Fearless…Be Free.

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