Bitter Sweet Return

These two paintings are home!  And it is a bitter sweet return, I must admit.  I still have trouble letting my paintings go, and although I do hope they will make people smile, or feel happy or hopeful, and I do hope someone will love them enough to want them in their own home, the thought of not being able to see these two and remember the experience I had painting them saddens me.  The flowers I painted at Donna Downey’s Studio in North Carolina.  It was my first (and only so far) trip that I have taken by myself for an art workshop.  And how incredible it was!  I learned how to embrace my love of colour, and how to work quickly, and how sometimes art is about getting the idea and emotion across and not spending so much time on the little realistic details.  Because really, from a distance, do we see all of the details?  No, we see colours and shapes.  I LOVED this workshop and the experience far more than I can express, and I will be forever grateful to Donna and Bill Downey for their hospitality.  They have an amazing set up, and if you are ever near Charlotte, NC…look them up and go for a visit.  Their shop coffee is AMAZING.

And for the girl with the apple…Snow or Eve? I called her, for is she a version of Snow White?  Or is she representative of Eve in the Garden of Eden?  Or is there a link between the two?  Either way, she is playing with fire with that apple.  Will she bite it?  Or is she just teasing?  What does she say to you?  This painting I created as an independent assignment from a course by Tamara Laporte called Ever After.  I was most inspired by the lesson lead by Annie Hamman…I LOVE her style of painting, and still wish I could be as freely intuitive and painterly…but I am getting there, and she inspires me.  So I used techniques from her lesson, and this portrait appeared.  And I found myself returning to a lesson from Donna Downey’s teachings, and drew parallels between the way both Donna and Annie begin a painting, despite using different subject matters.  And this beauty emerged.  I had SO much fun with her, and I just love her sass.

Both of these paintings had the honour of being chosen by jury for the Art in the Workplace Exhibit #22 that just closed in the Atrium at McMaster Innovation Park, here in Hamilton.  I was so delighted and honoured with their placement in the Atrium.  And so honoured to have two more paintings chosen for the 23rd Exhibit, opening on Thursday, March 30, 2017.

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