Trying Something New


Hello Friends!

Sorry I have been offline a lot recently…the good news is that I am back and ready to rock!  So as many of you already know, I have decided to put myself out there and be completely vulnerable, and share my love of colour and art techniques with people in person.  This is a scary yet exciting step in my journey, and I’m so thrilled to be sharing it with all of my friends and family.

I started my love of acrylic painting with Cocktails N’ Canvas, here in Hamilton.  I signed up for a class with a couple of good friends, and I fell in love with the joy created by mixing my own colours, and blending those colours in brush strokes across the canvas, creating something unique to everyone elses in the class.  It amazed me how by following step by step instructions, I still made my own painting.  Literally, the next day I went out and bought my own paint and canvas, and I signed up for more paint nights, with Cocktails N’ Canvas, and a few with Paint Nite, and I went by myself to sit and paint and experiment.  I signed up for online painting classes, and my love grew from acrylics into mixed media.

Art has been such an amazing teacher to me.  I have learned to trust the journey, and the mess, that things will work out in the end.  And that everyone, truly, has a difference in opinion of what looks great and what doesn’t.  But see, that’s just it…painting and art isn’t necessarily about what the final product looks like, it’s about how it makes you FEEL to create it.  And that feeling will be portrayed in the final piece, and felt by those who look closely at it.  Much like life, it’s the experience of the journey, and not the final outcome that is most important.  When I lose track of that, I just need to sit and paint to be reminded again of what is really important.  Be mindful.  In this moment.  And enjoy the sensations that are this present moment.  And if you’d like to try something new, send me a message!  I’d LOVE to hear from you!

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