An Artists Desire

My Jane Davenport Signature Edition of Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Artist Watercolours are here!  They arrived on Friday in the mail!  24 half pans of the highest quality watercolours in the world!  What to do?  What to do?  They are my Christmas gift…do I open the parcel and admire the packaging before I wrap it for under the tree?  Or do I wrap the entire parcel and save the excitement for the week?  Sometimes Jane and Angus throw in extra little goodies like stickers and pins!  So there may be a fun surprise!

I can hardly contain myself and wait to open it!  To gaze upon the rich colour palette.  To test the vibrant pigments on paper with a juicy brush.  To experience the exquisite delight of using fresh new watercolours for the first time.  To make a colour map.  To introduce my Daniel Smith watercolours (also Jane’s recommended palette…plus quinacridone coral…because seriously, who can live without quinacridone coral in their lives?  I don’t know how I survived before…you just can’t be sad or depressed or angry when using that gorgeous colour…it’s so delightful!)

Have I lost you?  Or are you still with me, drooling along the way?  This, my friends, is rainbowitis at its finest.  Sometimes, I think there should be support groups like AA to help control the cravings and desires for colourful art supplies, but then I snap out of it and thing “who needs that sort of negativity in their lives”?  Lol

Art supplies are to be adored.  It’s a gift that keeps on giving every time you reach for those precious colours.  

I will wrap this box and wait the week to open it on Christmas morning.  Then I can be giddy and excited too.  And I can spend the week daydreaming and anticipating the magic that will happen when I finally do get to play with my wonderous watercolours!

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