So, I have had many highs and lows within the last week regarding art.  Highs: the children’s book cover competition that I got into at the very last minute, teaching my son’s art class, and attending Art Crawl as an artist for the first time.  Lows: hearing I was not chosen for the Davenparty, and learning about a workshop I’d LOVE to go to, but just can’t imagine being able to afford in time.  All of this at a time when I have been working through a book and workshop called “The Right-Brain Business Plan” by Jennifer Lee, which has also been a high for me…daydreaming about my ideal life and putting it on paper.  It’s interesting how this all comes together at the same time.

I am reminded of a portion of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic.  She talks about doing something that you love so much that you are willing to eat the “shit sandwich”.  This made me laugh, both times I listened to it, but it is so true.  Basically, she is asking what do you love so much that you don’t mind taking the bad with the good?  And I’ve come to realize that this art journey I am on is the real thing.  Because I’m disappointed, sure, but I’m not wanting to give up, like I have on other occasions with other dreams or projects.  In fact, I’m still hopeful and trying to figure out how I can make either still happen for me, which I realize is slightly delusional, but that’s what is happening in my brain.

I mean, the chosen Davenparty is an amazing group of 7 artists…ONLY 7…from applications all over the world!  They are diverse in their skills, and will represent Jane’s new mixed media art line beautifully, I have no doubt, and I’m excited to see what they create.  And I am truly honoured to have been considered for this amazing opportunity.  But, here is the thing…just because I wasn’t chosen, doesn’t mean I can’t make art with Jane’s products and post them to social media, where they will be seen and potentially shared.  All it means is that I don’t get the box of treasures to use.  I get to create my own box of treasures, by shopping and choosing what calls to me from her collection.  I get to choose, and create freely.  And there are still hashtags for anyone to use to share their art with her supplies.  And there is potential to be a “guest artist” for the Davenparty still, which I will watch for.  I’m totally ok with this, now.  How is that for eating the shit sandwich?  lol  So, I’m excited for JANEuary, and checking out the new line in Michaels…and YES it is going to be available in Canada as well as the United States, which is AWESOME!!!

By working on my Right Brain Business Plan, I am making clear my vision, values and voice.  I am putting the pictures together to see and be inspired by, as a touchstone when I lose track or get discouraged.  It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I’m only working on chapter 2 and 3 now.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to share photos of that process, as I’m feeling pretty vulnerable just putting it on paper and into the universe, but stay tuned, and maybe I will get brave enough to share it.  😉  In my preparation for creating my big vision board, I came across this postcard (photo above), that I made earlier in the year with a quote that I fell in love with.  This is helping to inspire me, and will be a part of my plan, if for no other reason, than to remind me to follow my heart and chase my dreams.

When I was working on my values, and voice, I came up with a “quote” that I placed on a piece of art I am creating for my Judy Wise Challenge.  “I believe art is the birthplace of self awareness.  Embrace your natural, imperfect beauty and transform into your most authentic self.”  This is what I believe, at my core, because this has been my experience.  I want to share this discovery with others, and help people bloom into their true selves.  This is my dream.  There…I said it…  How I will get there, I don’t yet know, but I’m working on it and open to every possibility that comes my way.  Even if I have to eat a shit sandwich now and then, it will be worth it.

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  1. Liz, you are totally on the right track. You don’t need to see what’s around the bend in the river to know you’re flowing with it; your job is to trust the river, go with that flow and keep your little boat from running aground! White water keeps you on your toes and makes you an active participant because you need to choose the course you take 😉 I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…”You go girl!”

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