Artists For Love

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABonus Blog Post this week!!!  When I saw Kelly Rae Robert’s painting and blog post about #ArtistsForLove, I felt compelled to join in.  I found an abandoned background and immediately found a face in it, so I brought her out and stamped and painted the lettering.  I lost myself in this piece for a few hours…Just playing and dedicating the joy and love in my heart to the world of people who are in fear right now.  I like to keep my political views to myself, since I don’t feel that I have enough knowledge on the topic to really have a proper conversation at any given time.  But my views or beliefs don’t matter.  My location in the world doesn’t matter.  What matters, is showing empathy and compassion to PEOPLE…all people.

Kelly Rae says it best when she writes that although”We may hold different political beliefs, we can still hold one another.  And love is the container in which we can hold one another.”

There doesn’t have to be such a divide between people based on who they voted for or who they support or believe in, for there are many reasons that come into consideration with political debates.  All of the arguing and unfriending on facebook I have been witness to and heard about makes my heart sad.  One of the things that makes this world so amazing is that people are so different and unique.  We don’t have to end relationships over politics.  And we don’t need to use political beliefs to fuel hatred in our society.  We can still nourish love.  We can agree to disagree, and still be kind to one another.

So join the movement!  Create something to share with the world in support of basic human rights for all people.  Show humanity that you choose love and acceptance.  Share it and hashtag #ArtistsForLove.  Search to see all of the amazing art people are putting out there.

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