Hi, my name is Liz.  I am an artist, a guide, and a teacher, on a mission to spread the message that YOU get to fill your bucket first, and then give to your beloveds from the overflow of love that pours out of you.  And that this seemingly magical state can be achieved through creative self-care practices.

I am a Certified Red Thread Guide, an Intentional Creativity Coach and a Teacher of Cosmic Smash Booking.  I enjoy weaving the tools from these programs together in combination with painting, art journaling and other self-care and creative practices.

I believe we are ALL creative beings when we tap into our hearts and our inner wisdom, and silence the voices of our critics/nerds/gremlins/inner mean girl/guy, whatever terminology you use.  I believe creativity has the power to activate deep healing, by giving us access to the place deep within us, where we actually have the wisdom and power to rewrite the stories that influence our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions and ways of being.

My mission is to empower weary caregivers to recharge with practices of art, play and Intentional Creativity, so that they can give from a place of guilt-free abundance.

Sprinkled with sharing my own creative self-expression inspired experiments with the intention of connecting with people, wherever they are in their journey, letting them know that they are not alone in their feelings, and with the hope of inspiring them towards empowered action of creative investigation of their own. 

I look forward to connecting with you and am honoured to walk this piece of your journey with you.


BIG Announcement Coming Soon!!!

https://youtu.be/ybMblLWaQhY I hope you are enjoying this time, at the end of the calendar year, in whatever celebration you are in, with whomever you are

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Hello Friends! You are invited to a weekly creative gathering! I am SO excited!!! Today is the first Play with Me in Possibility gathering! Every

I'm still here!

Hello Friends! I have been quiet online for a few months...as I have been looking inward, and making big changes. My family is about to


I have partnered with C&K Critters Rescue to do a Paint Your Pet Paint Crate Fundraiser!!! Mark your calendars for Saturday October 17th, 7-9pm. This

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