Embracing my imperfections, I fearlessly infuse myself into a creative wonderland of play, creating an immersive space full of inspiration, acceptance, worthiness and respect, rooted in community and unconditional love.  This is where I stand to grow, to inspire, and to explore.

Looking for colourful art for your space?  Check out my shop!  Looking for a custom pet portrait?  Contact me!  Looking for inspiration and connection?  Read my blog!  Welcome!  Make yourself at home.

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By Request - Paint YOUR Pet!

You asked for it, and I am answering the call! Here it is, the first Paint YOUR Pet Paint Crate and Virtual Paint Party! Join

Make-a-Wish Ladybug

It's a Virtual Paint Party! Happening Saturday, June 27th from 2-4pm EST! Come and paint my Make-a-Wish Ladybug painting!!! Did you order your paint crate?

Unboxing the Paint Crate!

Is your curiosity getting the better of you? Do you want to experience and SEE what's inside the Paint Crate for yourself? It's your lucky

Paint Crate

Preorder your Paint Crate and support a journey of creative exploration for yourself and other creatives! Please support my IndieGoGo campaign and receive a thank

Journey Through You

Join me and other creatives as we take an 8-week journey digging deeper into our creative practices to discover who we really are, and how

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